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Story Corner

The real stories of students, educators, parents/ caregivers, and school board members are powerful reminders of why fighting for an honest, equitable, fully funded public education is so important.

Watch the stories of the people who are speaking out against the attacks on public education – and share your own using the form below!

Myla Williams

Georgia Youth Justice Coalition


“My public school experience is what made me want to join the education fight”

Kourtney Revels

Community Voices for Public Schools & Education


Getting her start in fighting for education justice advocating for her local basketball team

Moira Kaleida

Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools


Why I fight to ensure the supports for all students that my children with disabilities get.

Anjene Davis

Lowcountry Black Parents Association


“Public education is one of the greatest assets that Black children and Black families have at our disposal.”