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Public School Strong

Public School Strong

Public School Strong
Public School Strong

Parents, educators, and students around the country are organizing to strengthen our public schools so that all children can thrive.

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Who We Are

Public School Strong is a national campaign with one simple goal. We’re convincing local policymakers that every child — regardless of zip code, race, gender or ethnicity — deserves to have equitable access to quality public schools that don’t discriminate.

Public School Strong is led by every day parents, educators, and students in public schools around the country – not by wealthy individuals fueling division for political gain.

What We Do

We support public education that respects and celebrates all identities, utilizes a rich variety of age-appropriate books, and supports our educators’ freedom to teach the truth about our past and present so students can shape a better future.

Public School Strong — started by parents, educators, and students in North Carolina — is expanding to public school districts in Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, and beyond.

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How We Work


We build volunteer organizing teams who want to promote and strengthen our public schools


We help people learn how to talk to policymakers and advocate for public education


We build community power in local public school districts that translates into statewide power

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