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We believe honest, equitable fully funded public education is the foundation for a just, multiracial democracy.

Join our national movement of students, parents, educators, school board members.

HEAL Together tools and training help you organize your local community for public schools that our neighborhoods deserve.

The vast majority of Americans want honest and accurate public education

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76% of Americans oppose book bans.

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3 out of 4 Americans support teaching "the ongoing effects of slavery and racism in the United States"

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80% of parents of students in K-12 public schools are satisfied with their children’s education.

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Formed in 2022, HEAL Together is a joint initiative anchored by Race Forward in partnership with NYU Metro Center & the Schott Foundation.


HEAL Together’s approach concentrates on organizing four core constituencies in school districts:





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School Board Members

When we unite for honest, equitable, and fully funded public schools, we get closer to a vision of a just, multiracial democracy - where every person has the freedom to learn and the freedom to thrive.

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Check out HEAL Together’s Organizing & Narrative Toolkit 2.0!

Our newly expanded and improved Organizing & Narrative Toolkit supports local and statewide efforts to defend our public schools and advance campaigns for greater equity and funding for our public schools. Join this growing movement across the country utilizing these powerful tools. Join us to build our people’s movement for honest, equitable and fully funded public schools.

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