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K12 Dive

Grassroots initiative aims to combat anti-CRT movement

Racism written on a chalkboard


What’s Taught in Schools Impacts Us All. We Must Defend Anti-Racist Education

Headshot of Tavis Smiley

HEAL Leaders Maria Dautruche and Dennis Chin on ‘Tavis Smiley

A conversation on the founding of HEAL Together, “the first comprehensive campaign to counter attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT).”

Image of Marsha Guthrie and Maria Cole

Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast

Marsha Guthrie of Race Forward speaks with Maria Cole of Common Purpose about organizing in Florida for equitable public education.

Police officers in the street on school grounds

More resources, not police, will make schools safer, stronger

GA Youth Justice Coalition student and former school board member – key to school safety is more services to improve student mental health.

Let’s listen to what parents, not politicians, really want from their public schools

by Sherri Jones