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1960s – Today – Backlash

– The radical right saw Brown as an opportunity to finally do away from the public school system and have the buildings “leased off to individual groups of citizens on a private basis”

– In places like Virginia, public officials closed down public schools rather than have them integrated, officials in Prince Edward County had put it they would get “out of the business of public education.’

– Fred Koch, the father of Charles and David Koch, pushed to impeach the Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren after the Brown decision. Charles and David would go on to build a network of the ultra-rich to undermine all of this progress and lay the ground work to the situation we are in now.

– The Koch brothers funded ultra-right program at George Mason University targeted public education, calling it “the most socialized industry in the world.”

– In addition to targeting public schools, they would wage a war on public school teachers and seek to dismantle the teacher unions.