Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu relief distribution in Laprak Gorkha

The team from Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu which left for LaprakGorkha has returned back to Kathmandu after successfully distributing relief materials in Laprak. In spite of all the challenges, the team successfully completed their mission, for this, we would like to express lots of thanks from the bottom of our hearts for their dedicated service to mankind though it was a great challenge.
Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu relief distribution in Laprak Gorkha

Despite the overwhelming dangers and challenges, the team managed to reach Laprak village and distributed the relief materials.

A very active member of Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu not other than leading team member of this relief team our uncle Mr. Som Bahadur Gurung delivering his few words to the people of Laprak before handing over the relief materials to community leader Mr. Man Sing Gurung.

Our mission would not have been completed without the kind support of all the Nalmangi having a big heart from abroad; Mr. Yam Mhigee Grg from Malaysia, Mr. Bhim Gurung from Saudi Arabia, Mr. Kishor Gurung from Japan, Mr. Padam Gurung from India, Ms. Suk Maya Gurung from Israel, Mrs Kamala Ghale Gurung from USA, the credit for this mission for sure goes to you all, with your support, today name of Nalma Village has been promoted even in different district. Once again we would like to express our deepest thanks to you all for your great support and may god’s blessings be upon you.

Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu relief distribution in Laprak Gorkha

On the way, one of the team members, Mr Annaraj Gurung fractured his arm and sustained injuries in an accident, but kept on pushing with the team to complete the task successfully. We wish him a speedy recovery.


Mr. Bhakti Raj Gurung
Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu
Updated By:
Mr. Min Ghale
Former Secretary
Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu


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May 27th, 2015

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