Heal Together is currently accepting donations for Nepal Earthquake 2015 Victims.

Required Essential Aid
Here is the list of Essential items needed for survival:
1. Tents
2. Medical Supplies
3. Food (Rice & Grains)
4. Drinking Water
5. Water purification tablets
6. Oral Rehydration Salt
7. Sanitation Products

We are handling all donations using our own personal accounts instead of a company or organisation’s account as there has been alot of problems with government clearance. Our online donations via PayPal is handled by Duangporn Kanthanong in Thailand. Bank transfers and remittances are handled by Pratik Gurung & Bikram Duwal in Kathmandu, Nepal. If you are using services such as Western Union to send your donations, please drop us a mail with the required details, so we can collect them without any hassle.

You are also welcome to send relief items as donations. Please drop us a line so we can work together and avoid any problems with the authorities at the customs.

All donors will be listed in the donors’ page with their contributions and will be kept up to date about the usage of their donations and our relief efforts in the updates page for maximum transparency.

So please, Donate for Nepal Earthquake 2015 Victims without any doubts that it will go into the wrong hands.

Let’s each make a difference and donate…

Online Donations
Bank Transfers

A/C Name: Bikram Duwal
A/C No: 1710017503761
Bank: Nabil Bank
Branch: Teendhara

Bank Transfers

A/C Name: Pratik Gurung
A/C No: 00202231530012
Bank: Himalayan Bank
Branch: Maharajgunj

Money Transfers

Please send to:

Name: Bikram Duwal
Contact: 9840011999
Address: Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur


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