Nepal Earthquake Victims NEED Your Help

Lets get together to make a difference and heal together.


On Saturday, 25th of April 2015, Nepal was hit by a powerful earthquake that shook the whole nation, measuring 7.8 magnitude on the rector scale and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of IX (Violent). Making its epicenter in Barpak – Gorkha, the quake reduced the Himalayan nation to rubble… the most powerful disaster to hit Nepal since 1934.

USGS Nepal Earthquake Intensity Map

Many lost their lives, loved ones, and their livelihood to this disaster as entire villages were flattened. Many are still deemed to be trapped with no hope of survival. Many are still missing, their loved ones searching frantically in hope that they may still be alive somewhere.

Those who survived are living in appalling conditions with shortage of basic necessities to survive further while aftershocks continue to tremble the nation even a week after. This not only continues to strike fear in the hearts of the survivors, but also adds to the risk of landslides.

In these desperate times, each and everyone of your contribution counts, no matter how small.

Heal Together will work together with the Nalma Tamu Samaj Kathmandu to aid and distribute the basic essential items necessary to the quake victims from Kathmandu to areas where aid is needed. We will also help other organisations requiring the basic essentials along the way.

Here is the list of Essential items needed for survival:

1. Tents
2. Medical Supplies
3. Food (Rice & Grains)
4. Drinking Water
5. Water purification tablets
6. Oral Rehydration Salt
7. Sanitation Products


Funds collected will be used to acquire these essential items and distributed to those in need.

You can follow our efforts on our updates page.

Helping hands working together…


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